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New Mexico State University
Amazing Aggies

Middle School Students Las Vegas, NM

The College of Agriculture and Home Economics (CAHE) has a youth Ag Science Center (ASC) in Las Vegas, NM. Students at Memorial Middle School's ASC are learning about horticulture and practicing to become ‘real’ Amazing Aggies, especially after a visit last year by NMSU Interim President Cruzado. This picture is from Donna Martinez's 6th grade science class. The students are holding bean plants that they propagated from seed grown under the guidance of Dr. Peter Skelton, STEM Specialist this past summer in the ASC greenhouse for a basic fertilizer experiment they are conducting. The experiment is designed to give the students a better understanding of the scientific method through hands-on, applied learning. They are wearing NMSU Ag branded t-shirts that they earned for demonstrating excellence in the greenhouse. Front row (left to right): Sebastian Gallegos, Devin Medina, Keanu Baca, Marcos Gallegos, and Lawrence Marquez. Back row (left to right): Josilyn Benavidez, Samantha Pino, Cinthia Vasquez-Chavero, Kourtney Archuleta, Alyssa Ha, Amber Yara, and Roland Romero. Go (future) Aggies!!
Salute submitted by Wendy Hamilton