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New Mexico State University
Amazing Aggies

Sherry Ward

Ms. Ward’s dedication to NMSU began as an undergraduate student and member of the marching band and blossomed into a full-time employment commitment thirty-four years ago. She is a highly motivated, self-starter and one of the Library’s most productive workers.
Recently, Sherry worked on three significant projects. First, she manipulated massive quantities of corrupted electronic data on behalf of the NMSU Grants Library to make the information available library users worldwide. Sherry could have contained her duties to data manipulation, but she did more; she prepared multiple CD-Roms with training data for Grants. This allowed Grants to “get up to speed” on the library’s system much more quickly than we thought possible. Clearly, Sherry was dedicated to the project’s success as well as concerned about the impact on her co-workers.
In addition, Ms. Ward was asked to identify dissertations published between 1966-1996. She devised a database query and essentially found the 1,400 “needles in a haystack” from among 1,856,760 possible items. She then analyzed the results, noted anomalies, and extracted pertinent information.
The third project involved interactions between an internationally utilized library database and NMSU’s database. The project had languished for many years, but when turned over to Ms. Ward the task, which involved approximately 40,000 electronic records, was accomplished in less than one year.
Without Ms. Ward’s contribution to these projects, other library employees would spend countless hours entering data manually. For creative problem solving and commitment to NMSU, Sherry Ward is an Amazing Aggie!
Salute submitted by Ellen Bosman