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New Mexico State University
Amazing Aggies

DJ Chavez

DJ is the facilities monitor/contact for the Library. She is the go-to person when there is anything needing attention at both Zuhl and Branson Library; open nearly 100 hours a week. Everything from dealing with graffiti, to lighting, heating and cooling, painting, leaking roofs, plumbing issues, and custodial needs are relayed to DJ who then arranges to make things right by working closely with OFS and other campus and off-campus services. This fall there were an unusual number of new librarians beginning work and each needed an office. DJ worked through the summer and the early days of the semester to make sure that each new faculty member had their offices set up and generally made welcome. She is very skilled at knowing who to call and how to get things done. She does this all without fanfare. I am amazed each day with how she gets things done.
Salute submitted by Dave Baldwin