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New Mexico State University
Amazing Aggies

Amazing Aggies

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Morgan Nelson

Morgan Nelson is more than an Amazing Aggie; he is an amazing person in general. As an undergraduate at NMSU he is double-majoring in Agricultural Business/Economics and Economics and hopes to someday move on to Law School. ... more

Salute submitted by Dustin Turcich


Cheri Coffelt

Cheri Coffelt works diligently planning events to make sure that the College of Business impresses students, staff, faculty, and alumni. She is consistently seeking ways to improve on events and better manage the way that we interact and recognize donors. ... more

Salute submitted by Sylvia Acosta

Mari Langford

The quote from Margaret Mead that is attached to all of Mari Langford’s emails reads: “Do not doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. ... more

Salute submitted by Naomi Moreno


Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

1. Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Fraternity was founded in January 1899, and is the 28th oldest social fraternity in the United States, and the World's Largest Collegiate Social Fraternity. Tau Kappa Epsilon is proud of its diversity, and is one of the few fraternities that never had a discrimination clause in its membership requirements to prevent membership of men because of their race, color or creed. ... more

Salute submitted by Ben Woods


Joy Pugh

Joy Pugh has worked in the offices of the New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation program for over four years and has become an integral part of the program. Joy provides administrative support to the staff, manages the program office, and advocates for and supports New Mexico AMP students. ... more

Salute submitted by Rosemarie J. Sanchez

Glenda Ogas

I would like to recognize an “Amazing Aggie”, Glenda Ogas. Glenda has been a secretary in the Nursing Program at NMSUC for two years; however, she has been with NMSU for over 23 years. Although the majority of her experience was in Las Cruces NMSUC has certainly benefited from the knowledge and confidence she has brought to this campus. ... more

Salute submitted by Barbara Stafford


Bobbie Derlin

Bobbie Derlin is among the most amazing of all Aggies. If it were required for the benefit of NMSU that she walk barefoot through the snow or across burning embers, she would seriously consider it. I have had occasion to work with Bobbie on a number of challenging projects. ... more

Salute submitted by Kathy Brook


Yolanda Sanchez

Yolanda has won well-deserved accolades from department heads in the College of Business for quickly mastering the art and science of scheduling rooms each semester. Our once lengthy meetings to resolve classroom issues are now short and dull to everyone's delight. ... more

Salute submitted by Kathy Brook

Dr. Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome

Dr. Whittlesey-Jerome is an amazing aggie because of her undeniable commitment to the student of the School of Social Work in Albuquerque. Dr. Whittlesey-Jerome is a wonderful role model and inspiring person. ... more

Salute submitted by Roberta Lujan

Dr. Harriet Meek

Dr. Meek is an amazing lady. She always acts with integrity and honor. Dr. Meek was a founder of the Masters in Social Work program in Albuquerque. Dr. Meek was my advisor and was always available and supportive. ... more

Salute submitted by Roberta Lujan

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